70% of the time, CEOs don’t fail because of lack of vision or charisma. They fail because of bad execution, and poor communication skills one of the biggest factors. 

That’s a very costly proposition for any organization, because no company can lose its leader without losing some sense, even temporarily, of its identity and direction.

Yet there is no school for CEOs — except the school of experience. Chief executives must learn on the job how to lead a company, and they must learn while every stakeholder is watching.

So if you don’t think good communication skills are important, then just ask all the smart and powerful CEOs that were shown the door. 



Allen Carrier is the Founder and CEO of Carrier Media Company and an
award-winning journalist and media strategist. He has worked with  many of
the world’s top business leaders, including a few U.S. Presidents. Follow his latest insights and tips on Twitter @CarrierMediaCo. And if you would like to improve your communications skills, visit the website here.