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A lot of questions come up when it comes to media training, and often the same ones.  If you can’t find the answers here, get in touch with us directly, and we’ll help target the best session for you or your team.

How much does training cost?

The cost of each training session varies since no two training sessions are alike. Some may require a few hours of training while others may take a full day or longer. The number of participants is also a factor as to whether the training is done in-house or via Skype. However, we tailor each session to your specific requirements and budget, whether it’s for an individual session or a group.

You can also request a quote here if you know your specific requirements.  Otherwise, give us and call and we will help you target what you need.

How many participants are needed to start training?

Much like the cost, the number of participants can vary too, although the best work is always done one-on-one, as it enables us to provide the most personal attention and eliminate a lot of distractions. For small groups, however, we recommend up to six participants so that each can fully benefit from the various exercises and training.

Again, however, your specific needs will be a factor in this, since the various types of training are not alike. Those in need of training for the actual media will require a lot more camera time than those working on overall communications skills etc.

Our goal, however, is to provide you with the best possible session that fits all your specific needs.  So not to worry.  We are passionate about helping people at every level become better communicators, both on camera and off, and will happily make sure the session suits all your needs.

How is training conducted?

Since most of our clients are spread out around the world, training sessions are generally conducted at our client’s own offices. Given today’s technology, we are quite mobile, and our team is well-equipped to turn any meeting room into a makeshift studio. 

However, given our lengthy experience on all sides of media, we also have access to a number of broadcast studios around the world, for those in need of actual broadcast training.

With offices in Los Angeles, Washington DC, and Las Vegas, we also conduct a lot of in-house sessions, for those who would like to come to us, along with remote sessions via Skype, etc. 

What information is needed prior to the session?

The more information we have on each participant, the better. We, therefore, do a lot of extensive work, prior to each session, gathering all relevant materials so we can craft the most personal session possible. 

We also do extensive research on your industry, so we know exactly how to position you and target what does and doesn’t work. 

After all, this is not simply about improving your communications skills but helping you to become a more communicative leader in your company, industry, and the world. 

How soon can the training start after scheduling?

Given the high standing of many of our clients, we are always on call and ready to assist. If, by chance, we are on the road, do not worry.  If you have an urgent request, we can accommodate you via Skype or schedule a time as quickly as possible. 

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