JOHN DELEEUW | Aviation Safety and Operations Specialist

With his long and distinguished career as the Senior Manager of Flight Safety at American Airlines and the former Deputy Chairman of the (APA) National Safety Committee, John Deleeuw’s credentials as a communications expert run deep. John served as the Chief Accident Investigator for American Airlines where he was responsible for the ASAP, FOQA, and LOSA safety programs, and remains one of the most authoritative voices in resolving the many communications issues in an industry that is continuously subject to intense media coverage and public scrutiny. His exceptional coaching experience spans literally every sector from organizational and managerial performance to globalized stakeholder communication, along with brand recognition and the kind of swift and coherent response crucial for business continuity.

His interface with all American Airlines departments to proactively identify and develop strategies and practices to prevent accidents and incidents gives clients at Carrier an essential perspective in executive communication training and crisis management, and the strategies necessary for any client facing intense public scrutiny.

John also has the exceptional investigative experience, having participated in several NTSB investigations, and was the designated Party Coordinator in four of them. He developed and prepared the joint AA/APA Fatigue Risk Management Plan (FRMP) for FAA certification, and was involved with FAA Runway Safety Assessment Team (RSAT) and the Joint Implementation Measurement and Data Analysis Team (JIMDAT.) 

Adding to this, John also works as a coach at Check-6, providing ready solutions for real-world problems in the oil and gas industry in order to improve safety and reliability, and assisting rig crew members on the fundamentals of operating safety in a high-risk/high-reliability environment. 

Prior to working at American Airlines, John served as a USAF C-130 Evaluator Pilot for eight years and participated in Desert Shield.

He is currently an instructor at the University of Southern California’s Aviation Safety and Security course, and a current and qualified Captain on the MD-80, accumulating over 12,000 hours. During his 20-year flying career at American Airlines, he has flown both Domestic and International operations, flying the Boeing 727 and the MD-80, with a total flying time of over 15,000 hours. 

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